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FOX News
Nov 14, 2009 7:00am EST
war ii. >> guantanamo bay was a shisters trick to evade the united states constitution and justice will be done in the shadow of the buildings they blew up. >> i guess so. that is just an illustration of how the battle lines are being drawn. people are lining up on either side of the debate. mayor bloomburg believes that the president is right . eric holder is right to wring them here. so is congressman maddler who represents that district and so does commissioner ray kelly. >> on the other side. lengthy list of people who say this will put americans at risk and a big bull's eye on new york as a terror target and a security nightmare. >> but those are the concerns. new york is a major target. how about the millions of dollars we will spend on the trial, the circus it will create in new york city. this could go on for years and i think one of the biggest concerns that people have about the 9/11 victim's family having to relive the horror next to where the world trade center went down go through the experience all over again. >> my biggest concern that this turn in an oj simpson. ind
FOX News
Nov 28, 2009 7:00am EST
thing and disrespectful thing that they did to our president of the united states and prime minister. you can't spin it. there is videos and photographs and they were there . you have to figure out what happened. i understand president obama asked for a review and you are going to let that review take place. one thing i was thinking about. the social office busy season is about to begin. holiday season is going to demand all people coming in . i hope they don't try to copy cat. >> i am sure no one is sneaking in the white house again. that has the president said unprecedented. they shook hands with the president in the receiving line. this is an issue with the secret service and the president cannot call out and ultimately they protect his life. secret service said they are deeply embarrass concerned and try to make sure it doesn't happen again. it certainly will not get you anywhere. >> speaking of spin when the president speaks about his stan tan - grand strand strategy there -- afghanistan strategy. hew does he spin it on the left. we know people on the right are happy about the t
FOX News
Nov 7, 2009 7:00am EST
profits and investing in the united states. allowing businesses to write off their losses over a longer period of time to clean up their balance sheets. now, extending, ifs president announced he was going to extend lower rates on dividends and capital gains set to expire in 2011 any of these would have a bigger impact on the industry other than spending government run on pork barrel and expansion of government. >> with all of this in mind, why are we seeing deliberations on the house bill when harry reid suggested the senate may not vote on it this year it may carry on into next year. why the urgency by nancy pelosi shall especially given the economic conditions? >> i think, look, rahm emanuel said never let a crisis go to waste and what they're attempt to go do and likely to hear from the president later today is this sort of odd suggestion because we're in economic turmoil the way to solve it is by expanding government through the huge government-run program. we're going about this the wrong way. you know, and in your earlier segment clayton was talking with mike huckabee with energy
FOX News
Nov 21, 2009 7:00am EST
to al qaeda ask waging war in the united states. sentencing will be 5-8 years. the sears tower was renamed the willis tower. >> big bang machine back in action . 10 million atom danger suffered severe damage because was a electrical fault and then a bird draped a baget in a value. since it was repaired it was turned on for the first time yesterday. they are ready for scientific experiments regarding the matter of the universe. >> what year did the bagette end up in. 2012 and more delicious when it gets there. >> like michael j. fox. >> it was traveling 88 miles per hour. >> call in our rocket scientist. >> it is going to cause the end of the world when it comes back. >> the bagette. that destroys the world. >> now that is a black bust are thought. >> that's right. temperatures this morning. exactly warm air in the eastern two-thirds of the country. it is a nice day there. down south. big flood negligent san antonio area ask a lot of moisture moving in the central gulf anywhere between new orleans and houston today. major problems on that roadway. if you can avoid that travel th
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4